29 April 2007

Tuck & Patti @ Blue Note Milano

Yesterday I went to the Blue Note in Milan to attend a Nip & Tuck... Hemm sorry, a Tuck & Patti live gig. I wasn't sure of what to expect, I mean I knew theyr names and I had a slight memory of who they had been on the 80's, but I didn't know much about the performance. I was invited by my friend Reffa so I said "Why not?" I always enjoy a Jazz concert and I had good memories of the Blue Note in NY, so I seized the occasion to see the equivalent of the club here in Milan.

With my great surprise I really enjoyed the show. This couple of musicians - he is a guitar virtuoso and she is an amazing singer - get along so well. They are not only great performers but also a very sweet example of cute and loving couple, as much as they are funny seen one besides each others.

She is so full of life and he is such an amazing musician. The 2 hours gig was very entertaining, and absolutely satisfying! Jolly good!

Another personality test

It must be the summer coming, but it seems it's time for tests, this one is long but pretty accurate
That's what I am...

25 April 2007

Happy B-Day Kitties

Today my kitties, Pernilla & Gunilla, turn 4! :-) Happy Birthday!

23 April 2007

Valda debut on YouTube

And there she is, Valda the dog, running online. It's just the beginning

15 April 2007

Cow Parade in Milan

The Cow Parade has started in Milan! Today my sister and I wandered around to find the nicest cows in town... here there is a tale of our day off and the launch of the "more cowbell" contest!

More cows are coming...

The first cow parade I saw, was in New York, back in 2000. I remember falling instantly in love with those colorful, joyful and funny cows everywhere in the city. I even thought it was a New York thing until I realized that it was a moving art project. Too bad they don't leave the cows in the cities they visit, these sculptures have the power to cheer people up :-)
(in the pic here the Barnes & Noble Cow)

11 April 2007

New Job

Today I've signed for a new job, hooorray!
Here are the pics I took on my way to the new offices and here the sushi party we had with my sis and our friend Filippo.
I'll be managing the community area of the online women magazines for a big Italian publisher. I'm very happy about it and finally I'll have some money to pay my bills!! ;-)

09 April 2007

Easter brunch

Yesterday my sister, Filippo and I had a lovely Ester brunch, with NO lamb. I made a red pepper quiche, some potato and corn croquettes, my sister prepared a chicken and potato salad with home made mayo, a lovely cheese plate, some delicious Felino salami, a fresh green salad with balsamic vinegar, we had also spicy aubergines and caramelized baby onions. Above all a very nice and sparkling prosecco from Valdobbiadene and we ended with a fine Lindt black chocolate egg. Here is the tale of this very special meal. :-D

06 April 2007

Happy Easter!

And remember to say NO to the Easter's Lamb slaughter! :-)

My English... sucks?

I found this test on Blogthings and I had to take it. As you may easily tell, I am not a mother tongue English speaker (neither a writer), actually I find my English pretty poor. In fact I think I use this blog to exercise a bit... Anyway here are the amusing results:
Your Linguistic Profile:
60% General American English
30% Yankee
5% Dixie
0% Midwestern
0% Upper Midwestern

...Could someone tell me what "Dixie" means? :-D