30 March 2007

I could use more cowbell!

Last night chatting with Luca we were talking about the great Will Ferrell and started watching his videos online. The ones he imitates Bush (hilarious), his appearance at Letterman's singing The Phantom of the Opera and most of all the must-see sketch he did at Saturday Nite Live where he plays cowbell. It's hysterically funny!!!
I showed it to my sister and she as well went crazy about it an put it on her Video Blog, and now I put it here for you to watch. Just take a moment and laugh!

It features a great Ferrell as the cowbell player and an extraordinary Christopher Walsken as Bruce Dickinson. "Guess what, I've got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell!" ;-D

28 March 2007

A Little holiday with Trixie

My friend PA entrusted his friend Trixie to me, so my task for the next week is to show her Milan, take some pics together, let her have fun with the kitties and Valda the dog, and sent her back and safe to PA.

It's quite a task!!

26 March 2007

Wedding Week End

This week end I went to my beloved Rome, to attend a friends' wedding. I arrived by train on Friday afternoon after a very pleasant trip, thanks to my new MacBook and his brand new battery which lasted 4 episodes of my favorite series (I saw, Lost, Prison Break, CSI and Dexter!). Then I met my girlfriends, there was a vernissage organized by my friend Ilaria's Moving Gallery. Very nice, not the expo itslef, which imho was pointless, but the people who attended the event. Old friends from school, university fellows and all the roman crew with whom I used to spend my days. Great! After the expo we went eating a delicious pizza at La Formula Uno, one of the best and cheapest pizzerias in Roma. Marvelous food, a lot of drinking, very small bill. Great. We stayed in the restaurant until 2 pm!! Eventually we ended up in a bar and then we were to bed at 4 pm. And the day after I had fixed a meeting with my doc, the mythic Dottor Costa. And yes, I was a bit dizzy when he saw me. Anyway apparently I'm doing fine, so great.

So after meeting the doc, I had a delicious lunch with Puli and Valeria at Tiepolo's, and it had been years since the last time went there, so funny. It was a real revival! ;-) I was really really tired, had slept only 5 hours the night before. I hat to take a nap. And I did it, pointing the Alarm just in time to get ready for the wedding.

The ceremony was held in one of the most beautiful churches in Rome, San Giorglio al Velabro, I met there all my ex colleagues and friends I hadn't seen in years! It was really really nice, and friendly, and I just loved it. Moreover the priest that celebrated the mass was really cool and he touched me with his straightforward discourse.
After the wedding we went celebrate in a magnificent villa in the Gianicolo hill, Villa Aurelia (in this pic) and had a ball. Great night, great people and great food (check the web gallery I made)!! We couldn't ask for more.

In the end I had a great week end, I spent the most of my time eating - as usual when I go to Rome - and I saw many of my best friends. Great great time. And Now I'll sleep for an entire week!

24 March 2007

The Three Dimension Luck and Power Test

I like this silly tests, but.. is this true?!

You Are Balanced - Believer - Powerful

You feel your life is controlled both externally and internally.
You have a good sense of what you can control and what you should let go.
Depending on the situation, you sometimes try to exert more control.
Other times, you accept things for what they are and go with the flow.

You are a true believer in luck, fate, and karma.
You believe that life is a game of chance - not a game of skill.
You either consider yourself very unlucky or very lucky.
No matter what, you don't feel like you can change the hand you were dealt.

When it comes to who's in charge, it's you.
Life is a kingdom, and you're the grand ruler.
You don't care much about what others think.
But they better care what you think!

21 March 2007

So many blogs, so little time

I don't know how you people manage to step by, read and comment all your friend's blogs so regularly. I just can't. I mean every day I am supposed to collect all the Entertainment news from the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and Variety, just to have a hint on what's going on in the business. Then I should take a look at Italian news in order to understand my country - I regularly skip this step, 'cos I am not interested in what's going on in my country and because of that I make a very bad journalist and a poor conversation at office parties, I Know! And on the other hand I know too much about movies and Tv and everybody looks at me like a geeky couch potato, which I actually am...

Then if I want to take a quick tour of my favorite blogs, let's say that they are 5 to 10, I need at least an hour or two, and some more time to comment IN topic. And guys, let me say that, you write A LOT. At least I try to be concise in my blogs (ok this post is longer than usual), 'cos we don't have any time to read all of that, you know that!

So let's say it's noon and I haven't started working yet, guess what happens? Skype and GmailChat take the lead. Far away friends, people in other time zones who just woke up, family members, colleagues, ex colleagues etc... They all have a little "hole" in their schedule for a little chat. But if you sum all the chats, in the end you have lost like 3 hours doing nothing! I get paid by the words I write, unfortunately chats don't count.

Then it's 5 pm, I haven't wrote a single word. My head is heavy, the dog must go out, the cats are starving, I am TIRED and I start working, finally. You understand why I'm looking for a permanent job now? At least I will be paid for doing nothing! ;-)

Anyway I want to highlight 2 blogs I just discovered: GQuattro and The Blog of Timothy Carter, both are written by male writers. The first one is a good friend, and Tim, he just stepped here and I loved his blog (even if Tim, you are very loquacious , but ok you are a writer so I forgive you ;-)

20 March 2007

My baby is gone

Oh yes, it was quick and almost painless, in less than one week my little baby iBook G4 was gone. And here we go. My MacBook is still in reparation and I went back to a very old, very windows portable Toshiba. In the process I've lost 7 episodes of my favorite tv series CSI, episodes that I had seen hopefully! Anyway I'm a bit sad to say goodbye to my old Mac, he has been a great friend. Let's say that the fact that it stays in town helps me a little bit. I know that if there's a problem I'll be there for him ;-)

I know, I have an "animistic" tendency, but I have always been very attached to my things, especially electronic stuff (and my pillow Osvaldino of course). Because it's like they have a soul. You share your secrets with them, your bank account records, your thoughts, your music, videos, and one day they get old, or worst they die and everything is gone, with them. Ok, I know backups, so I try to keep a double of everything, but it just isn't the same.

Anyway, tomorrow is the first day of springtime, and the weather has changed, it's cold now. It seems that the seasons have been shaken up a bit, we had spring, now it's winter, after that we'll have autumn, and in October maybe summer. It' more fun that way, you never know what to wear and there's more thrill in the everyday life! ;-)

For example, I spent the week end looking for a springtime skirt for a marriage I will attend on Saturday. I finally find one, and tadahh the weather has changed and I don't know what to wear!! I looooove climate changing!

18 March 2007

From iBook to MacBook and return

Recently my beloved iBook G4 gave me some concerns. He started to make a very worrying noise, it was like a gear that was turning in the wrong way. So I had to bring him to the assistance where - as always - they told me "leave it here and we'll see". The problem could have been the Hard Disk or, worse, the Motherboard. I was really sad. After 3 wonderful years together, he was giving up... Too bad!

My dad, who lately has been extremely generous, told me to get another computer, the new MacBook. Larger, lighter and faster. I waited a bit because I somehow knew that my iBook would have risen again... but after a week working with a portable Toshiba on Windows, I gave up! And got the shiny and new MacBook.

It must be said, this computer is so nice, with his panoramic screen, bright, the new weird keyboard that actually is pretty enjoyable, the built-in camera and everything. Everything great, except the fact that the fan never ever stops running. I was going crazy! Can you imagine working 8 hours a day with a noisy fan running all time? A complete nightmare!

Anyway, after 2 weeks I got an answer from the Mac Assistance, it was the Hard Disk and not the Motherboard, they changed it with a 80GB brand new one, and the iBook was ready. Yuppie! Going to take back my sweet beloved iBook I decided to bring them the MacBook, just to make them take a look at it and its noisy fan. When I got there with my big surprise I found 2 other people that had brought their brand new MacBooks for the same reason. Apparently it's a common problem with white MacBooks, they get too hot and the Motherboard or the fan must be changed. I was really annoyed. I had to leave my new computer there and I went home with the old one (with whom I am actually working). Let me say that, it works so well and it's so cool and silent that I'm seriously thinking on selling the new one and keep the old one! ;-)

Anyway right now I put an announce on MacExchange, to sell my sweet iBook, let's see if I find a buyer...

12 March 2007

Today it's my name-day, hooray!

Today it's my name-day in the French saint calendar. My sister is gonna get me Chinese dumplings and we gonna eat them all tonight, it's going to be a nice evening, hooray!

Suddenly I miss the dim sum restaurants in San Francisco's Chinatown. How many delicious dumplings, so many, so different. Mhhhhh so good!!!

I guess we'll do with what we find here in Milan. It won't be the same, but a Chinese dumpling is always a good thing. Enjoy!

08 March 2007

I smell flowers

This amazing weather makes me think of springtime so much that I'll post some of the beautiful pictures of flowers taken from Mauro a couple of years ago. So gorgeous!

...And yes, I've just got a new funny tool, ComicLife ;-)

05 March 2007

Early Spring in Milan

What is this? You'd think of a springtime shot somewhere in the countryside, but, surprise, this is Milan. Right now!

For credible that it seems, cherry trees are blossoming right now, at the beginning of March in the north of Italy. The weather is so unusually mild that the nature went crazy, and I might say, people too.

If you take a look at people you'll have some in t-shirts, some others in heavy jackets and others, like me, dressed with multiple layers that spend their time putting on and off their clothes.

How weird!

03 March 2007

Red Moon Rising

It's total eclipse of the moon!


Valda Turista

Check out Valda Story WebSite. If this link doesn't work, try this one and click on "Valda".