11 May 2007

Time for a change

I've been posting on this blog for a couple of years, since I left Italy for USA on December 2004. Because I was abroad I decided to write in English, it made sense since I was reading in English, I was watching tv in English and I was just speaking English the most part of the day. But now, I'm in Italy. I came back 3 months ago and every day it makes less sense for me to use English as main language here. So today, I've decided to switch to my own language, Italian (sorry Tim). If this blog wants to be some sort of diary it has to be aligned with my real life, and right here, right now, my life is "Italian".

I guess the most part of the readers of this blogs are Italian anyway, basically they are my friends and relatives, so - except for Tim, maybe - not many will notice the language swap. But, just in case there were a few english speaking readers (besides my friend Tim of course), I'll go on posting a brief summary in English at the end of each post. Anyway, I mainly post pics, so no big deal!

I guess I'll change the blog name as well. Just thinking about a proper name. But, don't you worry my crochet blog will go on being written in English! ;-)

Take care!


Timothy Carter said...

Wow, you mentioned me three times in this post! I can't help but be touched. Honestly, you don't need to write an English summary just for me - we can still talk in each others' comments.

BTW, your English is reallly good for someone who uses it as a second language. I wouldn't have guessed.

Justine said...

Thanks Tim! :-D I've seen that many Italian bloggers do add a brief English summary at the end of their post. Because, let's face it, Italian it's not a language many people read or understand ;-)