14 May 2007

Pippa e i Ragazzi del Koro

Questa sera, per la seconda settimana consecutiva, sono stata intervistata da i Ragazzi del Koro! Grande emozione.

Se la settimana scorsa avevo pontificato sui ponti, questa settimana ho puntualizzato i punti. Dal punto croce al punto riso della maglia fino al "The Point", lo knit café più IN di New York. Chissà come è venuta la mia interview!

Fan e curiosi, da domani, potranno scaricare il podcast della puntata. ;-) W Radio Rustypano!

Tonight I've been interviewed by i Ragazzi del Koro, some friends of mine who run an Internet radio show. Last week we spoke about bridges, and tonight about points. From needle points and knitting points to "The Point" the famous knit café in NYC. Very funny!


Timothy Carter said...

Sounds exciting. I was once on a radio show to promote my first book. I was a little nervous, not wanting to make an ass out of myself in front of hundreds of people, but I think I did okay.

BTW, what's with the South Park characters at the top of your post?

Justine said...

Hi Tim! In this website you can create your own south park caracher. My friends of the radio station did theirs I did mine. Let's do yours too!!

And I am sure that you did great talink about your book. Didn't you record the show??

Timothy Carter said...

I'm afraid not. I went out really late at night, too, so not many in my crowd heard it. Still, it was jolly good practice.

Your South Park character doesn't look much like you. Don't you have darker hair?

Justine said...

Dear Tim,
about my hair color, let's say that I was really blonde when I was a kid and now I guess I'm between blonde and brunette, it depends on my hairdresser... But deep inside I'll always feel blonde! ;-)