09 May 2007

I LOVE Caipirina

Tonight I went to a Brasilian party and had some delicious caipirina! Usually I'm not fond of cachasa but because the organization offered me a bottle (they thought I was there for the press conference but I only went there for the buffet) named cachasa ISAURA (do you remember La schiava Isaura soap opera?), I guess I'll drink it.
The food was lovely and the drinks as well. Nice happy hour. And... at the party I met the mythical Pendolino CAFU'!!!! :-D What a night!

More pics here :-)


Vins said...

Ahahahahaha... I do remember La Schiava Isaura. And Ciranda de Pedra too. Or do you want to talk 'bout Dancing Days?

Timothy Carter said...

You party girl, you! And sneaking a bottle of cachasa from a press conference - naughty!

Justine said...

HAHAHHAAH I swear they gave it to me!!! :-D

Timothy Carter said...

Suuure they did! Riiiight ;-D