29 April 2007

Tuck & Patti @ Blue Note Milano

Yesterday I went to the Blue Note in Milan to attend a Nip & Tuck... Hemm sorry, a Tuck & Patti live gig. I wasn't sure of what to expect, I mean I knew theyr names and I had a slight memory of who they had been on the 80's, but I didn't know much about the performance. I was invited by my friend Reffa so I said "Why not?" I always enjoy a Jazz concert and I had good memories of the Blue Note in NY, so I seized the occasion to see the equivalent of the club here in Milan.

With my great surprise I really enjoyed the show. This couple of musicians - he is a guitar virtuoso and she is an amazing singer - get along so well. They are not only great performers but also a very sweet example of cute and loving couple, as much as they are funny seen one besides each others.

She is so full of life and he is such an amazing musician. The 2 hours gig was very entertaining, and absolutely satisfying! Jolly good!

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Timothy Carter said...

Sounds like a good bit of fun. I've never been to a jazz concert myself, but I'd certainly be open to the idea.

Hope you are doing well.