11 April 2007

New Job

Today I've signed for a new job, hooorray!
Here are the pics I took on my way to the new offices and here the sushi party we had with my sis and our friend Filippo.
I'll be managing the community area of the online women magazines for a big Italian publisher. I'm very happy about it and finally I'll have some money to pay my bills!! ;-)


Timothy Carter said...


Congratulations! I hope it goes well for you.

I'm still searching for a job, myself. Wish me luck.

- Timothy Carter

Justine said...

I wish you the best of luck Timothy! And I wish for a world where a talented writer doesn't have to look for a job! :-)

B for Blueberry said...

Congratulazioni piccola!
Magari potresti sbottonarti un po' di più e dirci anche qual è il magazine online.
Bacioni, Anto

Justine said...

Blueberry! Ogni tanto riemergi, che emozione! Per capire quale editore e quale magazine segui gli indizi... E cmq dovresti saperlo che io non mi sbottono MAI! ;-P