26 March 2007

Wedding Week End

This week end I went to my beloved Rome, to attend a friends' wedding. I arrived by train on Friday afternoon after a very pleasant trip, thanks to my new MacBook and his brand new battery which lasted 4 episodes of my favorite series (I saw, Lost, Prison Break, CSI and Dexter!). Then I met my girlfriends, there was a vernissage organized by my friend Ilaria's Moving Gallery. Very nice, not the expo itslef, which imho was pointless, but the people who attended the event. Old friends from school, university fellows and all the roman crew with whom I used to spend my days. Great! After the expo we went eating a delicious pizza at La Formula Uno, one of the best and cheapest pizzerias in Roma. Marvelous food, a lot of drinking, very small bill. Great. We stayed in the restaurant until 2 pm!! Eventually we ended up in a bar and then we were to bed at 4 pm. And the day after I had fixed a meeting with my doc, the mythic Dottor Costa. And yes, I was a bit dizzy when he saw me. Anyway apparently I'm doing fine, so great.

So after meeting the doc, I had a delicious lunch with Puli and Valeria at Tiepolo's, and it had been years since the last time went there, so funny. It was a real revival! ;-) I was really really tired, had slept only 5 hours the night before. I hat to take a nap. And I did it, pointing the Alarm just in time to get ready for the wedding.

The ceremony was held in one of the most beautiful churches in Rome, San Giorglio al Velabro, I met there all my ex colleagues and friends I hadn't seen in years! It was really really nice, and friendly, and I just loved it. Moreover the priest that celebrated the mass was really cool and he touched me with his straightforward discourse.
After the wedding we went celebrate in a magnificent villa in the Gianicolo hill, Villa Aurelia (in this pic) and had a ball. Great night, great people and great food (check the web gallery I made)!! We couldn't ask for more.

In the end I had a great week end, I spent the most of my time eating - as usual when I go to Rome - and I saw many of my best friends. Great great time. And Now I'll sleep for an entire week!

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