21 March 2007

So many blogs, so little time

I don't know how you people manage to step by, read and comment all your friend's blogs so regularly. I just can't. I mean every day I am supposed to collect all the Entertainment news from the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and Variety, just to have a hint on what's going on in the business. Then I should take a look at Italian news in order to understand my country - I regularly skip this step, 'cos I am not interested in what's going on in my country and because of that I make a very bad journalist and a poor conversation at office parties, I Know! And on the other hand I know too much about movies and Tv and everybody looks at me like a geeky couch potato, which I actually am...

Then if I want to take a quick tour of my favorite blogs, let's say that they are 5 to 10, I need at least an hour or two, and some more time to comment IN topic. And guys, let me say that, you write A LOT. At least I try to be concise in my blogs (ok this post is longer than usual), 'cos we don't have any time to read all of that, you know that!

So let's say it's noon and I haven't started working yet, guess what happens? Skype and GmailChat take the lead. Far away friends, people in other time zones who just woke up, family members, colleagues, ex colleagues etc... They all have a little "hole" in their schedule for a little chat. But if you sum all the chats, in the end you have lost like 3 hours doing nothing! I get paid by the words I write, unfortunately chats don't count.

Then it's 5 pm, I haven't wrote a single word. My head is heavy, the dog must go out, the cats are starving, I am TIRED and I start working, finally. You understand why I'm looking for a permanent job now? At least I will be paid for doing nothing! ;-)

Anyway I want to highlight 2 blogs I just discovered: GQuattro and The Blog of Timothy Carter, both are written by male writers. The first one is a good friend, and Tim, he just stepped here and I loved his blog (even if Tim, you are very loquacious , but ok you are a writer so I forgive you ;-)


Timothy Carter said...

loquacious?!? How dare you call me... actually, that's a fair cop. I tend to think of blogs as essays, not as, well... blogs. I'll try and cut down.

Thanks for the praise, by the way. You are very kind.

BTW, you are the first person to leave a comment on my blog! I hope you feel special.

Justine said...

Thank you Timothy, I do feel special now! :-D
And don't worry if writers haven't the right to be loquacious, who does? :-)

Timothy Carter said...

Truer words were never spoken!