18 March 2007

From iBook to MacBook and return

Recently my beloved iBook G4 gave me some concerns. He started to make a very worrying noise, it was like a gear that was turning in the wrong way. So I had to bring him to the assistance where - as always - they told me "leave it here and we'll see". The problem could have been the Hard Disk or, worse, the Motherboard. I was really sad. After 3 wonderful years together, he was giving up... Too bad!

My dad, who lately has been extremely generous, told me to get another computer, the new MacBook. Larger, lighter and faster. I waited a bit because I somehow knew that my iBook would have risen again... but after a week working with a portable Toshiba on Windows, I gave up! And got the shiny and new MacBook.

It must be said, this computer is so nice, with his panoramic screen, bright, the new weird keyboard that actually is pretty enjoyable, the built-in camera and everything. Everything great, except the fact that the fan never ever stops running. I was going crazy! Can you imagine working 8 hours a day with a noisy fan running all time? A complete nightmare!

Anyway, after 2 weeks I got an answer from the Mac Assistance, it was the Hard Disk and not the Motherboard, they changed it with a 80GB brand new one, and the iBook was ready. Yuppie! Going to take back my sweet beloved iBook I decided to bring them the MacBook, just to make them take a look at it and its noisy fan. When I got there with my big surprise I found 2 other people that had brought their brand new MacBooks for the same reason. Apparently it's a common problem with white MacBooks, they get too hot and the Motherboard or the fan must be changed. I was really annoyed. I had to leave my new computer there and I went home with the old one (with whom I am actually working). Let me say that, it works so well and it's so cool and silent that I'm seriously thinking on selling the new one and keep the old one! ;-)

Anyway right now I put an announce on MacExchange, to sell my sweet iBook, let's see if I find a buyer...


Marcus said...

It was interesting finding your post, since I've tried to find info on the silentness of iBook vs MacBook. My girlfriend has an iBook and it's the most silent laptop I've seen/heard. And it doesn't get warm. Any new laptop I purchase myself will have to be compared with the iBook since noise is a major issue for me. I was wondering, how did the fan/MB replacement work out? Did you get a cooler/more silent MacBook in the end?

Justine said...

Hi Marcus,
it is definutely more silent now, unless I open Photoshop CS. For some reason that software makes my fan spin. I must say that I found the MacBook warmer than the iBook I use to have, but in the end it's a great machine and has such a nice wide sreen, that it's no big deal.
I have installed a freeware that says the exact temperature of my mac, apparently mine is always around 60°. But I'm not sure if it is good, normal or bad. Good luck with your computer!

Justine said...

To be precise 60° celsius!