02 February 2007

Working on the boat

Before leaving this wonderful place I'm trying to enjoy it at its best. We had a couple of sunny and warm days lately, so we decided to work a little bit on Vincent's Boat, the "Kea da Velet", which means "Go look somewhere else" in Breton.

We started washing the deck. Isn't it very beautiful? And look at the colour of the water. So inviting... until you touch it and you realize that it's 12° cold! Anyway, first we cleaned the deck with sea water using a hard brush, to get rid of all the algae.

The day after we started sandpaper the upper part of the cockpit, and then we started painting it the next day. We just put the first layer, there are 4 more to do! But yesterday it has been raining and right now we are waiting for the sun to go on...

I must say that I really enjoyed working on the boat, in the open air, under the warm sun, in the middle of the sea. It put things in proper order and gives you a very different perspective from when you work on your PC in your little room, in the dark. Well I'm exaggerating a bit, but doing things with your hands, sometimes, makes you feel more real and makes you see life in a new way :-)

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