03 February 2007

Painting the hull

Today the weather was really nice and despite a fresh breeze, we took advantage of the sun to come back at the port and finish the job on the boat... Well at least to progress a bit more. Because this morning the tide was low, we decided to start painting the hull of the boat, and use the high tide to go on painting the cockpit.
As logic as it may seems (of course I didn't know it) before painting a boat you must get rid of all the rusty marks, made by steal nails, and of our friends the algae, who really like to stick on the waterline. As you can see, I did the hard job. While Vincent was pondering "how" to organize the job, I took care of the rusty tracks with some phosphoric acid who really erases it. Then, while he was water washing the acid I started brushing away the algae. I must say that I enjoyed it, I don't like to sit doing nothing, I like to stay active on a working site, I become immediately obsessed with time wasting. So everybody did his part of the job and finally we could start painting!
Painting is fun, you use this little furry rolls, and even after the first layer, the surface you are painting immediately becomes more beautiful, neat and clean. It was really cool. Unfortunately we couldn't finish, because the water level begun to be too high. We'll handle it tomorrow, no problem!
Then, after a little pause on the deck, we painted the 4Th layer of color on the cockpit, that after 6 layers (!!!) will be of all shiny and protected, finally!
So this was our working day, a bit tiring (mostly because of the cold weather) but really really gratifying!! :-)
Today was a cool day also because we met two very nice people, a young couple: Axel and Pascale. We met them at the annual reunion held for the new residents in the community (I'm a new one!), he is a professional jongleur and she is a web graphic. Really nice people, go on and check their website, coming soon: www.axel-lejongleur.com

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