04 February 2007

Antifouling day

Yes, another sunny day! And Yes, another working day on the "Kea da velet". Today was "antifouling day". What is it? A special paint that you put under the waterline to protect the hull from slime, weed and little animals such as barnacles who like to stick under the boat.

Before starting painting, it's very important to clean very carefully the surface you'll paint and get rid of all the plants and animals who have attacked your hull.
So armed with a hard brush we brushed the sunny half of the hull. I say "we", but this time it was Vincent to do the hard job, scrubbing all the waterline and under. A hell of a job!!! I just painted in white the other half of the hull we couldn't finish yesterday...

After all the brushing we paused and had a pic nick in the port while waiting for the water so dry. And then, time for a good hand of antifouling. First of all we covered the limit of the white part of the hull with some special tape, to avoid smearing with the red.

The problem with antifouling is that it toxic and it has a very strong smell, so we had to be fast and try to smell it the least possible. Once we had finished painting we removed pretty fast the tape beeing very carefull.

I must say that we have been pretty fast, and it wasn't easy to paint under the boat!! And look at it, isn't it perfect? Well a little fix here or there, and tadaaaa here is Kea da velet in all its beauty. At least for half of the hull!!!
Of course after that we went back on the cockpit for the 5Th layer of colouring... and there is still one more layer to go! I guess I wish it would rain tomorrow ;-P

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