26 January 2007

Introducing Bouboulino

A new friend came to visit us here in Portsall, France. Isn't he cute? He followed us in the street, and because we mistook him for our neighbour's cat, we took him, petted him, and he started to purr like hell. So cute! When we found out that he was a HE and our neighbour's cat is a HER, we tried to get rid of him. He was so lovely and soft, and tidy that we were sure he belonged to someone. Instead of going back home, though, he followed us, and waited all night outside. These days have been so cold! The morning after when we opened the door, he was still there, sneezing. Poor kitty!!! We felt so ashamed, so we let him in, gave him food, caresses and flea treatment ;-)
He is now part of the family, and we love him!
Well, my kitty ladies love him little less... they are pretty jealous, so we separate the cats at night, but I guess the garden is big enough for three cats, and for the moment the cohabitation is good. Let's hope it lasts.

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