29 December 2006

The Atomium

One of the few things in Brussels that I hadn't seen before this Christmas, is the Atomium building. So I went to see it. It was a pretty cold night, but a guy in a café told us that the structure is best after sunset, so we left the warmth of my daddy's house and after 45 mins of bus + subway we were there. And here it is, an impressive structure that symbolizes a molecule of metal. From the atomium website:

Designed by the engineer André Waterkeyn for the International Exhibition of Brussels, that took place here in 1958, the Atomium is a structure that is half way between sculpture and architecture, symbolising a crystal molecule of metal by the scale of its atoms, magnified 165 billion times.

Pretty isn't it? Unfortunately I got there too late, and I couldn't visit the inside of the Atomium, but I found it pretty amazing even from outside. Because it was a foggy that day, there was no belvedere anyway, so not too bad it was closed ;-)
It makes me think about the "Sphere" in Michael Crichton's book!

28 December 2006

27 December 2006

Merry Christmas in Bruxelles

Hello Bruxelles! Here I am with my sister's dog, Valda, visiting the Manneken Pis dressed in Santa Clause for Christmas, how chic! ;-)

We made the typical Brussel tour, there are just three things to see in this lovely city: the manneken pis, the Grand Place (here we are) and the Sablon. We did it all in 2 hours!

After that went to Place St Catherine, where there was a really nice and crowded Christmas Market with an ice rink. Very funny and wintery!

And then we ate a lot of food and like every year played cards!!!!

We had just a few little problems with all the animals together. My two kitties, my sister's dog Valda and my father cat Aspasìa didn't get along very well the first days. Now things are getting better, hopefully! And look at my Pernillona how happy she is in the middle of the presents! ;-)

21 December 2006

Happy Cat + New Window

The scratching post was a success!! yuppie! Guni is enjoying it a lot, even if it's not finished yet! As you can see, she occupied the post and clearly stated that it's hers now! I'll finish it tomorrow, I went short on straw twine :-)

In the meantime, while I was knitting like a crazy old lady, Vincent destroyed and remade a window! Can you believe it? I am amazed. I didn't even know that someone could do something like this on his own! Anyway he did it, and it looks great, inside and outside!

18 December 2006

Making a Cat Scratcher

Since I left California my kitty Gunillina has missed a lot her fantastic wooden cat scratcher, and since then she regularly attacked all the furniture she found on her way destroying all the kitchen chairs in my mother's house. As soon as I got here I bought her and her sister two cardboard cat scratchers with catnip inside. Pernilla, that is a good girl, immediately scratched the cardboard, Guny instead is stubborn and spoiled, no way she'll touch cardboard with her pretty paws. So before all the chairs are gone, I finally decided to make her a new scratcher....

We recycled and old piece of wood, attached two legs, to make it oblique, then starting in an upper corner I covered it with some straw twine, spreading the wood with some glue. After that I put an heavy weight on the scratcher and I'm now waiting that it dries. To finish I'll spray some catnip on it and then cross my fingers hoping that that Guny will like it...

10 December 2006

A walk on the rocks

Despite the typical Brittany crachin (a local kind of light rain, very refreshing and hydrating) was pouring, this afternoon I went out for a nice walk on the rocks around here

Spending time watching the power of natural elements and taking pictures of this marvellous land

Walking, thinking about life and, in the end, watching puddles gather rain (as in one of my favourite songs of my youth, "no rain" by Blind Melon)...

And here I am in the reflection of a puddle full of Chondrus, a very beautiful local alga, used in many beauty cosmetics and puddings and yogurts as natural element for jellification.
Its bright burgundy red leaves takes blue reflections during reproduction season, in springtime. Pretty nice, isn't it?

02 December 2006

The Wild Climbing Cat

This morning my sweet Pernillona discovered the tree in front of the house and decided to take a closer look at it. The result was a great promenade among the branches who amazed her for a while... At least as long as she discovered that she didn't know how to get down! I'm thinking that the long staying in the US made my cat a good climber that doesn't know how to descent. So we had to climb up as well and grab her and put her on the grass. And then she ran away happily like the wilderness furry goddess who just had a great adventure ;-)