30 November 2006

Great November Swell

Lately we had a big swell here in northern Finistere. I went to the route touristique and took this wave pics. I'm not sure you can tell the greatness of these waves but, believe me, they were impressive! Have a look at that!

24 November 2006

Home Makeover

I've been busy lately with writing, knitting and... Glass wool application!
First of all I had to learn what glass wool is, and then I discovered that it stinks, it goes in your eyes and your lungs, and it's heavy!

Besides that apparently is the best insulating material for a house, so I helped my friend Vincent to apply it...

The process took a whole afternoon, and I coughed for two more days, and my face was like burning.

Well it was kind of a nightmare, I think I'm better at knitting and crocheting than at home renovation, but I admit that in the end when the job was done, I was pretty amazed and proud of the job.
For sure, next time I'll wear a mask and I'll cover my face and hair!!

18 November 2006

Happy B-Day

And this year the lucky number is... 34! Yuhu!
To just forget about my b-day I went to visit my dad in Bruxelles. The weather was lovely, I went to T&G for a nice haircut, had some shopping, but mostly window-leaking, had absolutely delicious meals prepared by my gourmet dad, and relax with my daddy.

For my b-day my dad cooked a magnificent "Faisan au raisin", so delicious you cannot imagine. We had a lovely bottle of champagne with fois gras as a starter and then tasted the Beaujolais Nouveau, that comes out every year the third Thursday of November, right on time for my b-day ;-)

It was a very nice and relaxing week end. Loved it and felt better after it. Recharged, and ready to find a "real" job".
Yes all this freelancing is fine, but I need a real job, and everyday job a work-with-a-goal-job, and I've started searching.

In the meanwhile, look at my dad's kitty isn't she pretty? Well, she looks much alike mines, even if I think mines are prettier, but hey everyone prefers his kitties, right?!

13 November 2006

Canoeing in the marais

You know I love canoeing, since I tried on the Adirondacks I wanted MORE! ;-) So last week end I went with Vincent to the Marais Poitevin an absolutely lovely swamp where you can rent a canoe, or a boat, and explore the may channels. It was very very funny. Loved it!

Finding our way thorugh the channels... ...and the lentil soup!

12 November 2006

Old pictures

"'Cause yesterday's got nothin' for me
Old pictures that I'll always see
Time just fades the pages
In my book of memories..." Used to sing "Guns and Roses", but last week end I went to Nantes, to meet some childhood friends, and one of them had those very old pics of my sister, me and my cousins where we were kids, so funny I want to post some here.
In this Picture: our friend Antoine, my sister Loly, my cousin Charlotte, me and a little friend Annouk

Here are my cousins Charlotte and Guillaume and our childhood friend Vincent
Here I am trying to play softball.. Look at the hat, very very 80's

And here's Charlotte with our dog Paco the First (two more came after him)

08 November 2006

What's this all about?

I'm realizing that this Blog became a place where I complain about life, and not a diary about the US or any travel anymore. This is not good.
Ok, I'm not in the States right now, but I can still focus on the country or on travel, at least. And That's what I'll do.
Here some pics of here, just to revitalize the ambience.
Guess where's kitty?!
Blogging Totoro
Waiting for apples?!

07 November 2006

The negative series doesn't end

We've lost a pet. The smartest, cutest, funniest cat in the world. He was killed yesterday. And it's so sad. He was my dad's cat. My dad is so sad he cannot even talk right now. It's just so unfair. We get so attached to our beloved pets.

I'm sick of all this dying! A dear friend of mine lost his mom less than a month ago, too.
What's wrong with 2006? I've never waited new year's eve that much. I think I should have a great party because I want to say farewell to this shitty year!

03 November 2006

Almost 34, and no clue

Many questions pop out of my mind: what the hell am I supposed to do here? How will I live? What kind of job will I be able to find here in nothingland? Why don't I stop fooling around and come back to New York?

Sometimes I guess I'm just lazy. I'm fine here. I have a few money still on the side and I guess I can live another few months like this. But what I'll do after?
I don't know.

I'll be 34 in a few days, I'm unemployed, unmarried, I don't have a family and I guess I don't even want one. I think that finding a proper job, something interesting is the only way out from this impasse I'm stucked in. At the same time I realize that at my age, being an italian-writing journalist, it's not that easy...

Ok I've not been very positive lately, but I'm at a crossroad in my life and I don't know where to go