31 October 2006

I'm still in beautiful Brittany...

24 October 2006

Geneva Pics

Here are the Geneva pics I promised. This is the view of the Lake from the Salève mountain, with the cows as an extra ;-)
And here I am after the nice trekking, fresh as a winter breeze... It was really cool and funny, and fresh and even healty. What to ask more to a week end?????

19 October 2006


Hello everybody,
I had a very interesting and intense week. I went to Geneva, and had a GREAT time with Luca. We had delightful dinners, walked a LOT, went up to the (I'll post some pics asap)

I finally started relaxing a little bit. Well I must admit that I was pretty scared on the cable car... but, I made it! I guess in a few weeks/months I'll be able to take a plane again... I hope

In the meanwhile, I've decided to take some time for me, with no worries and no pressure just to relax and take it easy :-)

07 October 2006

Am I losing my mind?

I'm start thinking that I'm loosing my mind (as long as my ability to write in plane English...). I've been staying in France 3 months now, and somehow I'm not able to leave. It's like a stronger force keeps me here. Two days ago I was in Paris with my two cats and my whole life packed again in a suitcase. I was at the check-in. There, with a tkt in my hand, destination: NYC. And what happened? I panicked. I literally panicked. I started feeling dizzy, had stomachache, vertigo, I couldn't stop crying. What I did next? I ran away from the Airport and went back to the train station.

I keep repeating to myself that it's normal, I'm having a nervous breakdown because of all that happened lately, all the deaths, all the sorrow, all the organizing, keeping people up, managing everything, all alone, etc... But the big question is: Why I don't want to go back to the USA? What scares me so much down there?