02 December 2006

The Wild Climbing Cat

This morning my sweet Pernillona discovered the tree in front of the house and decided to take a closer look at it. The result was a great promenade among the branches who amazed her for a while... At least as long as she discovered that she didn't know how to get down! I'm thinking that the long staying in the US made my cat a good climber that doesn't know how to descent. So we had to climb up as well and grab her and put her on the grass. And then she ran away happily like the wilderness furry goddess who just had a great adventure ;-)


fotoreportress said...

Let me understand, you're italian, but where do you live, France or USA?

Justine said...

Italian, I've been living in USA for two years, and I'm staying in France right now :-)
nice blog you have!