27 December 2006

Merry Christmas in Bruxelles

Hello Bruxelles! Here I am with my sister's dog, Valda, visiting the Manneken Pis dressed in Santa Clause for Christmas, how chic! ;-)

We made the typical Brussel tour, there are just three things to see in this lovely city: the manneken pis, the Grand Place (here we are) and the Sablon. We did it all in 2 hours!

After that went to Place St Catherine, where there was a really nice and crowded Christmas Market with an ice rink. Very funny and wintery!

And then we ate a lot of food and like every year played cards!!!!

We had just a few little problems with all the animals together. My two kitties, my sister's dog Valda and my father cat Aspasìa didn't get along very well the first days. Now things are getting better, hopefully! And look at my Pernillona how happy she is in the middle of the presents! ;-)


Sowmya said...

nice pics!

Justine said...

Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

As long are just the animals having problems to fit under the same roof is going to be a nice holidays. :)
cy both