21 December 2006

Happy Cat + New Window

The scratching post was a success!! yuppie! Guni is enjoying it a lot, even if it's not finished yet! As you can see, she occupied the post and clearly stated that it's hers now! I'll finish it tomorrow, I went short on straw twine :-)

In the meantime, while I was knitting like a crazy old lady, Vincent destroyed and remade a window! Can you believe it? I am amazed. I didn't even know that someone could do something like this on his own! Anyway he did it, and it looks great, inside and outside!


Anonymous said...

Buone feste piccola,
spero che i tuoi problemi si risolvano tutti al più presto. Ti meriti una vita splendida.
Baci, Antonello

Anonymous said...

si, in effetti il lavoro della finestra é notevole, ma era piú bella prima vista da fuori!!


Justine said...

ahah in effetti da fuori era meglio prima, pero' dentro c'e' piu' luce ora in effetti ;-)