18 November 2006

Happy B-Day

And this year the lucky number is... 34! Yuhu!
To just forget about my b-day I went to visit my dad in Bruxelles. The weather was lovely, I went to T&G for a nice haircut, had some shopping, but mostly window-leaking, had absolutely delicious meals prepared by my gourmet dad, and relax with my daddy.

For my b-day my dad cooked a magnificent "Faisan au raisin", so delicious you cannot imagine. We had a lovely bottle of champagne with fois gras as a starter and then tasted the Beaujolais Nouveau, that comes out every year the third Thursday of November, right on time for my b-day ;-)

It was a very nice and relaxing week end. Loved it and felt better after it. Recharged, and ready to find a "real" job".
Yes all this freelancing is fine, but I need a real job, and everyday job a work-with-a-goal-job, and I've started searching.

In the meanwhile, look at my dad's kitty isn't she pretty? Well, she looks much alike mines, even if I think mines are prettier, but hey everyone prefers his kitties, right?!

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