19 July 2006

Summer retreat

In summertime the living isn't supposed to be EASY? Well apparently the rule does not apply to everyone, especially to me... After leaving California for good (without seeing any place I had planned to see) with a great good-bye tour in Sausalito, I moved back to Europe once again, to spend a few time with my recovering mother. Unfortunately she's not doing very well. It seems that all that can go wrong is actually going bad. Very Sad.
At the same time my freelance job is going better and better, witch is a good news, unless you are stuck in beautiful but remote Brittany WITHOUT an Internet connection at home. It's a real nightmare, believe me!!

Well, at least the kitties seem to enjoy the new environment. And I'm very happy about it, especially if you consider that we traveled for almost 24h to get from San Francisco to Treompan, Brittany (12 hrs flight - with one of my ladies in the hold - plus 3 hrs waiting and 4 hrs and 1/2 train trip.... A real nightmare!). Well they still have a little fear of my mom's adorable dog - who desperately wants to play with my kitties and isn't welcome - but things are getting better every day...

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