18 March 2006

The "Pei Pa Lo" Quest

This was a San Francisco week-end. Despite the lovely weather we left the wilderness for the city and went shopping to SanFran. The target was the magic "Pei Pa Lo" cough syrup for my dad.

So we went to Chinatown, where of course we found it, along with some nice dim sums in the oldest Chinese Restaurant in town (at least, that's what they say on their menu). Not an amazing lunch, but tasty. Then, we decided to take a walk around and went to Russian Hill. Definitely our favorite neighborhood in town. We even walked on the famous Lombard street (img by elmspuzzles.com). Nice, tiring but lovely.

After that we spent the Sunday morning in the sun, relaxing, waiting to see Keith Jarrett. Lovely week end!


Ulla said...

What a lovely view.
A lovely day.

Ulla in the north of Sweden

Chen said...

Poon Goor Soe Pei Pa Lo, it is something chinese traditional cough syrup which cure cough real cool ! I am surprise to see it here.