24 February 2006

Wild week end with Jessica Fletcher?

 www.westofone.com/Vegas is still waiting, but right now I don't have the energy it takes to gamble all night in a Casino and then the morning after go to the Death Valley (without being dead myself...). So our plans for the week end are still in the air. We've rented a car, which is the first step for an adventure, but what we'll end up doing is still a mystery.

Photo by Gene Trindl - All Rights Reserved, 1985 Gene Trindl - Image courtesy We were thinking about visiting Mendocino, home of the super cult tv series "Murder She Wrote" (which was supposedly setted on the East coast but actually shot in California). I love Mrs Fletcher (aka Angela Lansbury) and, as I said before, she really is my role model, the woman I'd love to be when I'm old... I mean even without all the murders, she is kind of jinxy... But her, and Agatha Christie's Mrs Marple, are the type of apparently-quiet-but-deeply-spicy old ladies that I'd love to be one day.

Anyway. Mendocino could be one option for this week end. The other one is Monterey. I'd love to kayak with the sea otters at Elkhorn Slough. I looooove sea otters, they are such intelligent and cute animals.

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Pier Andrea Notari said...

è fantastico, io ero sicuro fosse il maine tant'è che ogni inquadratura cercavo Stephen King.