27 February 2006

Bye Jessica, Hello Hiromi

The wet weather is here again! And with it, our invincible laziness...Oh yes! So, this week end we gave up our challenging plans and opted for a quieter scenery. Yesterday evening, though, we decided to go out for a live gig. For once that we had a car. We went to the famous Yoshi's in Oakland, where we attended a concert of this young very talented Japanese pianist, Hiromi.

This little, tiny girl, is very very powerful and captivating. Her music mixes piano solos in Keith Jarrett's style, but without his melancholy, with some electronic tunes, very unique. She plays with a bass player and a drummer. Yesterday, she started the gig with a very peculiar tune, "Kung Fu World Champion", which uses electronic piano, arcade sounds and some typical Japanese melodies. Then she switched to a more "classical" set, with some very moving pieces, like "Green Tea Farm" (which she wrote for her family, green tea farmers in Japan). Luca says that she sounds a lot like Art Tatum. We really enjoyed it.

The rest of the week end was pizza, movies and sleep. We really needed it. We also explored a little of Rockridge where we had an horrible lunch at Zachary's pizza - the pizza by the slice is simply cardboard - and an awfully heavy crepe at Crepevine. It took us a full day to digest it!!!

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