05 December 2005

Holiday season

Our wandering had a stop lately. Luca, my boyfriend, is working a lot and there's no much time for going around. Nevertheless we have discovered a new Berkeley neighborhood, well "new" at least for us. It's "Elmwood". Nice wooden houses, few upscale shops and some nice restaurants. We have even found a pet shop, finally!

Good news is also that we will spend Christmas in New York, and I look forward to the snow, the holiday lights, ice-skating (with 10000000 tourists from all over the world), window-shopping, freezing in the streets, Central Park all frosted, etc... etc... :-)

Of course we "just" need a good pet sitter in Berkeley for the holiday season... any help?

04 December 2005

Planning future travels

Because we will be staying in California longer that we thought, we wish we could use this extra-time on the west coast to visit those places:

Monterey bay & Big Sur
Las Vegas
Hawaii - Kauai island
The Grand Canyon
The Anasazi pueblos
and... Why not Mexico! :-)

Let's see where actually we will be able to go before June 2006...