28 November 2005

Fat Friend

Here is Phileas again, fatter and fatter. Who said that fruits don't make you fat? ;-)

17 November 2005

Animal Planet

It's been a quiet period lately. We didn't travel much, but worked hard. Nevertheless, apparently California is so nature-friendly that if you don't go to the wild, the wild comes to you! And we are enjoying our small-scale wilderness in the garden.

We have Phileas Figues the squirrel, who every morning comes for a visit and picks his favorite figs from our tree and eat them on the fence (where politely he leaves the peels)

We had an amazing encounter with a flurry fatty funny raccoon, Rocky, who came with a friend and spent some time on the fence, looking at us, with as much curiosity as we had

And we have, of course, a lot of kitties. Our lady Pernilla had a very bad fight recently with another cat - we actually had to bring her to the hospital - and since then her tongue stays out of her mouth... Look at her eyes!! We really hope she'll get better...