04 July 2005

Whale Watching!

While in Boston we had the chance to catch a boat to watch whales. We had to show a little patience because whales are not so predictable, but after a while, here she was!

Simply Amazing!

My boat ;-)

Lobster, in the American way. If only my mother, who is from Brittany, France (home of the best and bigger lobsters in the whole world) could have seen a lobster served with French (or Liberty? ;-) fries and mayonnaise, I'm sure she would have laughed a lot. The Lobster was very tasty, though

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TomLop said...

Cape Cod Curmudgeon
UPDATE: the "Lesser Lights" of Noank, CT was rescued and secured by Harwich Harbormaster Tom Leach, later in the afternoon.
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