26 July 2005

Summer in The City

Time to look for some fresh air

In Central Park

In art parks

or in very very cold museums

10 July 2005

The Brooklyn Bridge

We finally made it to the Brooklyn bridge!

We didn't get why Brooklyn is so popular though

Say Hi! to Manhattan

04 July 2005

Whale Watching!

While in Boston we had the chance to catch a boat to watch whales. We had to show a little patience because whales are not so predictable, but after a while, here she was!

Simply Amazing!

My boat ;-)

Lobster, in the American way. If only my mother, who is from Brittany, France (home of the best and bigger lobsters in the whole world) could have seen a lobster served with French (or Liberty? ;-) fries and mayonnaise, I'm sure she would have laughed a lot. The Lobster was very tasty, though

Boston, MA

Boston and its Freedom Trail

Paid due respect to George Washington

And dreamed of a lovely house in Beacon Hill

03 July 2005

Mission MIT

Joined Luca for a quick visit to Harvard University

And, most of all, at MIT

Home of Nicholas Negroponte, writer of the fundamental book: "Being Digital"

Paid tribute to my generation's Guru