31 March 2005

My sister

My sister will come to see me! Here's a song to celebrate!

My sister. My sister. My sister. I hate my sister, she's such a bitch. She acts as if she doesn't even know that I exist. But I would do anything to let her know I care. But I am only talking to myself 'cause she isn't there. My sister. I love my sister, she's the best. She's cooler than any other girl that I have ever met. She had the greatest band, she had the greatest guy. She's good at everything and doesn't even try. She's got a wall around her nobody can climb. She lets her ladder down for those who really shine. I tried to scale it, but to me she's blind. So I lit a firecracker, went off in my eye. I miss my sister, why'd she go? She's the one who would have taken me to my first all-ages show. It was the Violent Femmes and the Del Fuegos. Before they had a record out. Before they went gold and started to grow. I miss my sister! I miss my sister! I miss my sister! I really miss her!

© 1993 Juliana Hatfield

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loly said...


xxx, your sister. YOU are the best!